Postpartum Doulas 

Anita Hanlon

Anita offers Postpartum Doula Services to help you have time to focus on your new bundle of joy, your own recovery, and journey into mothering.  With lots of practice making delicious meals for large and small crowds, she brings brilliant cooking and baking skills, and the ability to efficiently power through dishes/laundry/and other household chores.  Anita can be your sounding board when questions about your baby or your postpartum body arise, give a hand with general newborn care, and more. 


Her services include:

  - Meal Preparation & Delivery

  - Housework Helper

  - Mother & Baby Care

  - Newborn Basics

  - Basic Lactation support

Nicola Owens

Nicola offers Postpartum Doula Services to help support your transition from pregnancy through the beautifully hazy postpartum period.  With 15+ years of lactation support under her belt, she is passionate about helping Mommas & their Wee Ones find their groove. Whether it's getting nursing off to a great start, or troubleshooting a larger breastfeeding challenge, Nicola enjoys supporting her clients in this intensely lovely phase of life.



Her services include:

  - Advanced Lactation Consultation 

  - Mother & Baby Care 

  - Newborn Basics

  - Babywearing support


Virtual Support: Fee $35, per Hour Session

This can be a great way for families to get support regarding Mother & Baby Care, Newborn Basics, Basic Lactation support, some Advanced Lactation Consulting, and Baby Wearing Support. 

  • Discounted package options available

    • Two Session Pack: $65​

    • Three Session Pack: $90


Due to SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 safety concerns, we would encourage clients to take advantage of our Virtual Support options whenever possible.  While all our doulas exercise great care and follow strict safety/sanitization protocols during any in-person support, Virtual Support offers a 100% risk free option where direct contact is not required.

In-Person Support*:  Fee $85, Two Hour session

  • *Due to SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 safety considerations, In-Person care requires an initial virtual consultation.  This will be a time to discuss the following:

    • PPE needs for both the visiting Postpartum Doula, as well as the client

    • Contact expectations

    • Development of a general plan to streamline support

    • Any questions or needs that can be addressed in the initial Virtual Visit

  •   In-person visits will have a continuous 2 hour minimum, and continuous 4 hour maximum. 

Certain services may require In-Person care: 

  • Housework Helper

  • Some Advanced Lactation Consultation

  • In-home Meal Preparation