Placenta Services

Due to SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 safety concerns, we are currently unable to offer Placenta Encapsulation Services.  We are working on an alternate virtual guide to enable clients hoping to receive the benefits of having their own placenta capsules available postpartum. Thank you for your patience! Please feel free to reach out, if you have any questions.

Fox Valley Doulas is happy to offer high quality Placenta Encapsulation and other Placental Services.  Nicola Owens is our Placenta Encapsulation Specialist.  She completed her training with Tranquil Transition Placenta Services (now partnered with ProDoula) back in 2013, and has enjoyed providing new mothers with these nourishing options ever since.



Your placenta contains your own natural hormones - unadulterated, unsynthesized, designed and created by you.  These same powerful hormones can also continue to serve the mother after the birth. The main objective of taking placenta in capsules, is to ease the transition from pregnancy to postpartum, refueling and nourishing new mothers.

Placenta consumption may help to: 

     Balance hormones after birth 

     Increase maternal energy 

     Reduce likelihood of postpartum depression, baby blues, & enhance positive mood 

     Boost breastmilk supply 

     Provide essential vitamins and nutrients for postpartum recovery 

     Ease and speed the process of healing after the birth

Placental services include:

     Consultation on methods and options - Traditional Chinese Method, Raw Method, or Half & Half

     Collection of placenta from hospital or your home

     Processing in my Dedicated Workspace or your home

     Delivery of bottled capsules back to you or your home

     Follow up meeting (usually at the time of capsule delivery) and discussion on consumption

     Continued contact is available for support on consumption, questions and feedback 

Basic Encapsulation package:  $250    ($25 discount for FVD doula clients)

     Full collection, processing and delivery of placenta capsules

     Cord keepsake (the cord is not added to the placenta powder) 

     Consultation and follow up

Encapsulation Plus package:  $320    ($25 discount for FVD doula clients)

     Full collection, processing and delivery of placenta capsules

     Cord keepsake (the cord is not added to the placenta powder) 

     Additional creation of a:  Placental Salve

                                                     "Mother Tea/Broth" 

                                                     Tincture (in alcohol) 

                                                     Keepsake Print

     Consultation and follow up

Additional Services Available by Request - 

     ~ Placenta "Tabs" (Raw, frozen, individually wrapped pieces to add to smoothies):  +$25

         (-$15 if separate delivery is not required.  Can be picked up/delivered in advance of capsule delivery.)                                  

     ~ "Mother Tea/Broth" (When choosing all, or part Traditional Chinese Method.  Includes 16oz. glass mason jar and lid.              Delivered with capsules.):  +$10  


     Keepsake Placenta Print (On white/natural toned, heavy stock, art paper):  +$25


     ~ Placenta Art Print (Color/B&W - Embellished w/paint or ink into a fine art piece for framing): +$50  

     ~ Tincture (in alcohol, contained in a convenient dropper bottle.  Requires 6 weeks to process.):  +$25 

     ~ Placental Salve:  +$25

Additional details:

     ~ $50 deposit due upon agreement (secures your place on my calendar and is non-refundable) with Client Intake Form 

     Remainder of fee due upon placenta pick up

      ~ Please inquire if you have any specific cultural, religious, personal or dietary placenta requirements you’d like me to consider.

I practice OSHA-established guidelines when processing placentas, using
specified equipment that has been sterilized and is used soley for placental
processing. I follow sterile techniques for Blood-borne Pathogens to ensure
your safety, my own safety, and cleanliness.