Our Affiliated Doulas

Jordan Dorsey

Labor & Postpartum Doula

     Since childhood I’ve been enamored with a three things; babies, helping, and womanhood. I just knew I would spend my days helping families live more comfortably. At a young age I was often inspired by stories of childbirth and pregnancy shared by family and friends. I had an unyielding passion for knowing everything birth and baby. It’s incredible how our bodies work! That passion developed into the life of service I live now. For the last 10 years I have provided care for mothers, parents, and families as they welcome babies and children for the 1st ,2nd, or 3rd time. It’s such a wonderful experience to watch a family grow and to be apart of such an enormous blessing.

     As a DONA trained labor doula, I seek to empower my clients by providing genuine companionship and encouragement for each family.  My approach in labor support is customized to what my client desires for her birthing experience.  Every birth is different, and I aim to assist my clients in working with the labor they are given.  I am there to promote a calm reassuring strength and courage for mom as she navigates through her delivery, and to provide a sense of peace when the family is together as one for the first time.

In postpartum care I am able to utilize my years as a nanny in assisting with sibling & baby care, enjoy giving a helping hand with cooking meals, household tasks, taking care of new moms so they can care for their new little one more comfortably, and providing a break for parents.  All this so that your time with your loved one can be enjoyable and warm.

Casie Alexander

Labor Doula

     I became a doula after I brought two babies into the world naturally, but with a significant number of obstacles. Between the hospital policies, and the provider I was with, I felt stuck.  Despite being low risk, and in non-emergency situations, it was a fight to labor out of the hospital bed, and to be able to choose the position that worked best to push my own babies out.  This seemed unjust, and certainly didn't help me labor efficiently.

I love to question and research.  These birthing experiences drove me to fully research evidence based approaches to subjects surrounding birth, health, and the care pregnant and laboring women need.  I decided that the best way I could support women, and help them have access to the births they deserve, would be through doula work.

In today’s society women are rarely taught the true power of their own bodies.  We often fear childbirth and are made to feel as though we are inadequate or incapable of going through this process without the help of major drugs or surgery.  These medical options can certainly have value in high risk or emergency situations.  However, I became a doula to help enable women to avoid fear based decisions, and unnecessary intervention.  To be able to go into their birthing experience with a sense of peace, comfortable in their knowledge, knowing they are strong and supported.

My husband and I had our last two babies at home in pools of water, with a midwife.  I felt so free, so in control, so happy and comfortable. I

n a hospital or not, I simply want other mothers to be able to feel that way; comfortable, excited but calm, knowledgeable, and empowered.

As your doula I would gladly talk with you about nutrition, exercise, the process of labor and delivery, offer you as much education surrounding natural birth and hospital procedures as you would like to know. I am sliding scale and will discuss payment options with each client individually.  I believe every woman should have access to the birth they desire, regardless of income.