Lactation Support

Nicola Owens

Pain?  Nipple damage?  Need breastfeeding help?  Get support now, don't wait until the problem is bigger.  So often, all a nursing momma needs is the right information and guidance to achieve her breastfeeding goals.  

A bit of adjusting can be needed even after a momma has been nursing her newborn successfully for a time, or after having breastfed a prior child. 

I have:


  • Attended 10 years+ of La Leche League International & Breastfeeding USA meetings.

  • Trained as a La Leche League International Breastfeeding Leader/Community Counselor.

  • Provided many hours of volunteer Lactation Consulting.

  • Attended 40+ hours of additional in-person professional training.

  • Nursed all three of my own kiddos.

  • Helped many distressed mothers achieve their feeding goals over the past 15+ years.

It's been a delight to support clients over all these years, and I would love to support you! 

Late night with a lactation client's little one.  Momma gets a few minutes to take care of herself, before the next session.
A late night visit with a lactation client.  Getting some snuggle-time, while this little one's momma gets a break before the next session... 

One Hour Virtual Consultation - Fee: $35

One hour virtual consultations are conducted to assess for proper latch-on technique, assist with any  difficulties, develop a plan of care to resolve issues, and follow-up as needed.  Can be scheduled most times of day/night.

  • Two Consultation Package: $65

  • Three Consultation Package: $90

Two Hour In-Home Consultation* - Fee: $100

*Due to current SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 concerns, In-Home Consultation is only an option after an initial phone/virtual consultation has occurred.  Phone/virtual consultation may provide sufficient support.  If the issue is more complex and requires an In-Home consultation, appropriate PPE for both parties, will be agreed upon in advance.