Meet The Founders

Nicola Owens

My path to becoming a labor doula, childbirth educator, and lactation counselor began with my first daughter's pregnancy in 2004.  Before even becoming pregnant, I had been fascinated as an artist by the strength and beauty of the female body.  As my education grew and I experienced the power and intensities of my own child's birth, I knew I wanted to walk with other women, couples, families, supporting them through the amazing process of pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding.  


Our first child's birth was in 2005 at Hinsdale Hospital with a Certified Nurse Midwife, doula, and a close friend.  Though all were healthy in the end, I walked away from this birth with strongly negative feelings that took years to sort through.  Our second and third children were born into the peace of our home into a birthing pool, caught in my own hands and pulled into my arms and onto my chest.  Each birth had different supporting medical teams as well as a labor doula and each was beautiful in it's own way.  Through the birth of our second child though, I felt empowered, instantly healed of my prior birthing trauma, and knew I wanted to help support other women and families navigate this amazing experience.  


As a labor doula, I am there to support couples in listening to and working with momma's body during labor, aiding her progress in any chosen labor and delivery environment.  I am there to help them move forward without fear, with greater comfort, and a sense of safety.  I am there to support their decision making process, to aid them in achieving their labor and birthing goals, working with the labor they are given, and encouraging wise, informed, empowering choices.


As a childbirth educator, I am there to help a pregnant woman and her partner develop knowledge and tools that will enable them to improve their own pregnancy, labor and postpartum experiences.

Martha Paschke

With the birth of our first baby, my doctor told me that I had labored so well, I should teach that. This did not sink in for me until after our second child was born, going equally smoothly as a natural birth in the hospital. Having taken the Bradley Method classes ourselves, I enrolled in the next training available and have been involved in the birth-y world ever since. Thankful to have had three very positive experiences and having learned the importance of being an active consumer, I strive to help parents-to-be navigate the medical world and find a place where they can feel respected during this time.


I have been teaching natural childbirth education classes since 2005, through the Bradley Method, and Informed Beginnings. I now teach classes as an independent instructor, molding and shaping my classes to meet the needs of expectant couples with the latest in evidence-based care practices in mind.


I began working as a doula shortly before the birth of my third child in 2008, having been asked by a couple in my class if I would serve as their doula. The experience was so thrilling that I have never looked back. I trained with DONA in 2009 and have attended many births, both at homes and in hospitals since then. My goal as a doula is to ensure that both partners feel supported in the way that they need to be supported in order to ensure a positive and empowering experience.  I offer to take pictures as a part of my doula services. There is no extra fee for this, since I do it on a take-what-I-can-get basis.