Improving pregnancy, childbirth, & postpartum experiences through education and support.

These precious days offer you the opportunity to learn so much about the amazing ways a woman and her baby work together during pregnancy, labor, birthing, and breastfeeding.   You are becoming parents to a new life, you know that you are walking on the cusp of the incredible as you prepare for the birth of your child.


At Fox Valley Doulas, we believe that positive birthing is born out of knowledgeable preparation, intimacy & connection between an expectant mother & her body, baby, & partner; a supportive birth team, flexibility, and the love that bonds a couple & family together.


Our mission is to empower clients and students with knowledge and support, offering them the resources they will need to work together through the labor they are given.  Though we focus on healthy living, empowerment through choice, the benefits of natural labor, and breastfeeding, we gladly welcome all couples and their individual birth preferences.